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BloomIndians ShareClub allows community members to share physical items with other community members in Bloomington. It is like borrowing or renting stuff from community members. It saves money for the borrower and at the same time item/product owner can make money to cover his expenses/costs. Members live in and around Bloomington, IL, so they can easily establish trust and exchange items/products at common location and save money.

It is free to register and use the completely automated workflow. Visit to register today.

What you can Share with community?

You can easily share anything right from  BluraysDVDs, Games, Toys, Books  to Furniture, Party Stuff, Sporting goods, Camping items, Costumes etc. The list never ends. Start today. With one account you can list your product and also borrow products. Visit BloomIndians to see what your community members are sharing.


What about the trust when I give my item to others?

This is very important. Since we all live in Bloomington, IL, we can easily establish trust and start sharing, save more and grow as community. The borrower is your neighbor or may be your co-worker, so it is easy to establish trust. You can start with a Bluray or DVD or a Game and start establishing trust.


Will it allow me to share anything other than products?

Yes, you can list them in appropriate sections. Like you may have Room or Apartment available for short time, you can list it in Accommodation section. When my friend's family went to India, he shared his house and covered his expenses. Another example is if you have Nani, you can let your neighbors know and share the expenses.

What abot the stuff we would like to exchange?

Yes. That is another one you can do at our ShareClub. You can list items you have and when you find others items you wish you exchange with, send a request with a comment to exchange and the other person might accept or reject it. If you don't have those items any more, just remove item from you list. Again these item can be anything from vegetable, plant to power tools.

How to Start?

It is very easy. Register at and add your products to share with community. Search others listings and request the item you wish to borrow and save money. We will notify you when you receive request for your product(s). You decide if you want to accept/reject and our fully automated ShareClub portal will help you in your next actions.


Login to start saving, if you are already a member. If not click here to register and start saving.

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